'Medicaid' is know as 'altcs' in arizona

What is ALTCS

ALTCS, or Arizona Long-Term Care System is a branch of Arizona’s Medicaid program that covers long-term health care for qualifying individuals. ALTCS differs from Medicare because it is needs based, so one must meet strict eligibility requirements to qualify for the benefit.

ALTCS Benefits

Benefits that may be available through ALTCS include:

  • Full Coverage of acute care services
  • Nursing home care
  • Home and community based services
  • Services for developmentally disabled adults and children

ALTCS Eligibility

To be eligible for ALTCS, you must be an Arizona resident over 65 with a developmental disability. You must be able to meet certain medical and financial requirements in order to get approved for long-term care in Arizona.

  • Medical: If the applicant needs hands on care to perform activities of daily living, they will most likely be medically eligible.
  • Financial: The financial requirements are much more complex and often require a bit of planning. One must fall under a specific income limit AND have a limited amount of liquid assets. We can help protect your assets!


  • Average cost of long-term care in AZ is $7,000/month
  • 3-6 months for approval
  • About 79% of applicants are denied